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Surveys show emphatically that nicely furnished and decorated homes sell much faster and for a significantly higher sales price than vacant properties. Showcase homes and our carefully selected Home Managers provide a "model home atmosphere" to help you market your North Florida Home.

There are a variety of additional benefits to Homeowners in the Showcase program including:

Reduced Expenses -
Our Home Managers assume responsibility for all utilities. Lawn care, heating and air, electric, gas, and pool maintenance costs are eliminated for the homeowner.

Continuation of Insurance
Many insurance companies will not insure an unoccupied home. Others simply charge higher rates due to potential vandalism, undiscovered plumbing issues, etc. With a Showcase Home Manager in place you will be assured of continuous and reasonable coverage thru your current insurance provider. 

Security / Peace of Mind
An occupied home is much less likely to be vandalized than a vacant property. Also, leaks, bugs, termites and many other potential issues will be discovered and handled immediately when you have a Home Manager in place.

Premium Sales Offers – 
Vacant homes typically receive lower offers as buyers expect a bargain, sometimes thinking that the owner may be desperate. As your realtor will confirm, it is very hard for potential buyers to visualize an empty house as their home and it always looks smaller when it’s empty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I pay a fee for your Showcase services?                                    No* 
  • Will I still be responsible for Association Fees?                               Yes
  • Will I still be responsible for the alarm system?                                No
  • *      Home manager may elect to maintain the alarm at their expense.
  • Do you run a background & credit check on Home Managers?       Yes
  • Is renters insurance mandatory for Home Managers?                       Yes

    * Occasionally there are unique circumstances that may require a fee and will be discussed prior to entering into any contract.

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Dennis A. Rust ~ Owner


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